God has been faithful in Fresno!

Finishing training & arriving in Fresno

Posted by Austin Kilduff on 13 August 2019

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

-Psalm 127

New Staff Training Complete!

My summer of campus ministry training with the CCO equipped me for leading Bible studies, evangelism, discipleship and serving in a church partnership. I grew close to my fellow new CCO staff, and I met many amazing veteran CCO staff as well at Summer Institute, one of the CCO's all-staff training events.

Our final day together was bittersweet - a time of prayer and commissioning before heading to the mission field of the college campus.

Arrival in Fresno

The next morning, my colleague Geraud and I flew from Pittsburgh to Fresno, stepping out of the airport into the high-90s midday heat. I was carrying enough books in my backpack to stock a respectably-sized personal library, and I knew I'd soon be living with a family I had never met, in a city I had never visited. I had many reasons to feel less than enthused, but I couldn't help but grin with excitement. The reality of serving God with the CCO in a far-off place was finally setting in.

Teaching about vocation at Encounter Fresno

Immediately I got involved with Encounter Fresno, a new CCO Summer Opportunity that allows students from across the country to intentionally live together in the city while deepening in understanding of the Gospel, learning from members of the local church, and developing a vision for their studies through work experience. I had the honor of teaching a class alongside Geraud about vocation. We asked the students to create a diagram of how their interests or majors relate to the Gospel narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration, and were amazed at their thoughtful and enthusiastic reflections. From sociology, speech pathology, and entrepreneurship to construction management and humor, these students were already beginning to see how their passions and studies are under the Lordship of God and will be utilized in the Kingdom.

Encounter Fresno students share their reflections

Thank you for your interest, care, prayers and support! As the fall semester approaches, would you please continue to pray for the ministry in Fresno? Here are some thanksgivings and prayer requests:

  • God's provision of housing and a car
  • The opportunity to work with Encounter Fresno students before the semester starts
Prayer Requests:
  • That I will develop meaningful relationships on campus
  • That the students at Fresno State University, Fresno Pacific University, and Fresno City College will deepen in faith
  • That I will find mentors in the church to guide my spiritual growth